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About Pom Squad Rescue

Pom Squad Rescue is dedicated to the elimination of the euthanasia of healthy, treatable, and surrendered Pomeranians and other small dogs from shelters, owners, and veterinarian clinics.  The rescue will ensure that appropriate veterinarian care including spay, neuter, microchip and general health screening is completed on all rescued dogs.  Pom Squad Rescue is an all volunteer based rescue that relies on foster homes to house rescued pets while waiting for their adopted home.  The rescue will maintain the care of all rescued dogs in the foster homes while evaluating the applications of potential adopters.  Volunteers for the Pom Squad Rescue will conduct fund raising activities in order to support the care for the rescued animals.​

Our Team

Meet The Team


Diana Norris

Diana is the founder and co-director of The Pom Squad. She is the ultimate Pom lady and she has 8 dogs of her own. You will not find someone with a bigger heart for dogs than Diana.

Image by Agnieszka

Jennifer Hibbetts

Jennifer is a founder of The Pom Squad. When her friend Diana asked if she wanted to start a rescue, she said yes without hesitation. Jen is our chihuahua girl. She has three of her own.

Margo Green

Margo is a founder of The Pom Squad. She said yes to starting this rescue with Diana. We are so grateful for her heart to rescue!

Chandler Hine

Chandler jumped in quick when she heard her mother (Jennifer Hibbetts) started a dog rescue. She helps with fostering, admin, applications, and social media.

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